Acupuncture Hands and Feet Massaging Ball

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  • Magnetic Acupoints Needle Massaging Balls
  • Developed on the basis of the massaging needle
  • Prevents diseases and improves brain function
  • By exciting the nerves and acupoints, helps with blood circulation
  • More than 400 needles on the ball distributed according to the acupoints
  • The magnetic bead inside promotes blood circulation
  • One pair
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Prevention they say is better than cure! This acupuncture massaging balls with massaging needles excite the nerve reflex points on the hands and feet to promote blood circulation, thereby improving one’s health. For strong wrist, tones up muscles and relieves stress. By stimulating each of the reflex points, you are working on each of your internal organs therapeutically, removing any acupuncture meridian blockages thereby allowing chi energy, or life force to freely flow through your body, and consequently promote good health.

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