Foot Reflex – Acupuncture Massage Slippers with Electrodes

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  • Stimulates the acupuncture points on the arches of your feet
  • Develops all the positive aspects of reflexology
  • Stronger antibiotic efficacy
  • Stronger healing function
  • Wear your health on the foot anytime when you want to walk
  • It may cause a little pain, but it means the massage is working
  • Could act as your personal massage therapist
  • The raised spring particles are separated into different stress areas
  • Strong magnetic therapy function.
  • Specially designed to lessen pain in muscles
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When used for about fifteen minutes per day, it can mitigate against a number of stress factors. Use after waking up, after bathing or in the office when you want to relax. Thanks to the stimulation of the acupuncture points of your feet, these slippers relax your muscles, relieve fatigue, improve blood circulation by balancing the endocrine system  in your body. It is designed with different acupuncture points and levels of elasticity depending on the acupuncture points of the feet. You only need to wear them for about 15 minutes several times per day and drink some water after each use to accelerate blood circulation and remove toxins from your body.

Many people believe that a Foot Reflexology session is just a relaxing foot massage.  While Foot Reflexology is indeed relaxing, it has many other benefits. There are ten reflex zones on the foot each corresponding to a different body area.  There are additional specific reflex points that correspond to internal organs, glands, and sense organs.  For example, in the center of the pad of the big toe there is a reflex point that corresponds to the pituitary gland; on the ball of the left big toe is a reflex point to the heart, and on the ball of pinky is a reflex zone to the shoulder.  There are over 50 reflex points such as these on the feet.  When these reflexology points are stimulated with specific massage techniques, the body’s natural healing abilities are stimulated.  Pain is reduced; organ function improves, and in some cases, diseases are resolved.

How does Reflexology work? Foot Reflexology works on several levels. Research in the 1890s by Henry Head and Charles Sherrington shows us the neurological relationship between the skin and the internal organs, and that the nervous system as a whole adjusts to stimulus.  By applying pressure to the feet, the calming message to peripheral nerves is carried through the central nervous system signaling the body to relax.  This enhanced relaxation allows increased blood supply to the internal organs and their systems. This relaxation allows, additionally, the body to move naturally toward homeostasis and more optimal functioning.

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