NAHEPS Mistletoe Tea x2pcs (touted to be the most potent herb for hypertension)


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  • Contains lectins which destroy cancerous tumors & cells
  • Treats hypertension, nervousness, insomnia, migraine
  • Lowers blood sugar (diabetes) & helps repair the pancreas
  • Promotes circulation of blood to the brain and heart
  • Relieves the muscles, calms the nerves, eases palpitations, etc
  • Recommended for optimum health
  • NAFDAC A7-0707L
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Mistletoe (Viscum album), is a wonder herb with great potentials. The leaves contain chlorine and acetylcholine which act directly on the autonomous nervous system. Touted to be the most potent herb for hypertension. No matter how chronic the case may be, mistletoe will always make a difference. The efficacy of this wonder herb has been proven in the treatment of coronary heart diseases and angina pectoris. By increasing the production of urine and the elimination of toxic wastes from the body, mistletoe helps those with arthritis, rheumatism and gout. This herb is not only for the sick but also helps maintain optimum health.

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