Vibro High Performance Slimming Belt

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  • Stimulates points that help lose weight;
  • Dissolves fat;
  • Eliminates harmful toxins from the body;
  • Aids the absorption of nutrients;
  • Vibrates, tones, massages.
  • Enhanced blood and lymph circulation;
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Vibro High Performance Slimming Belt combines point physical therapy theory with exercise science. Unique design with a revolutionary vibration technology, for that real you. Easy and comfortable to use. Just strap it on and it does the work for you. It functions as a slimming tool as well as a toxin eliminator and a massager. If a reasonable menu plan is followed together with an exercise regime, results are quick. No side effects.

It also boosts blood circulation and releases muscle tissues. Uses infra-red heating and sauna function with constant temperature. Ideal treatment for your abdomen, waist, back, legs and buttocks. Multi-speed, bi-directional invigorating massage. Vibra Tone’s high-speed, oscillating mechanical stimulus produces a stretch – reflex action that results in rapid muscle contractions.


Take a rest of about 20 minutes between each use. Use 2-3times per day. After each use, drink 2-3 big glasses of water to accelerate the discharge of foreign matters.

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