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  • Truly Local
  • Pure and Natural
  • No mixtures
  • No additives or preservatives
  • We only filtered off the honeycomb
  • Notice the golden translucent colour
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Village Honey is sure village in origin: from the dense forests of Nsukka, Nigeria.  Its sure natural. Natural Honey has a lot of therapeutic benefits. The list is quite long including:

  1. ASTHMA: Mix one part of castor oil (or coconut oil) with five parts of honey.
  2. ATHLETE’S FOOT: Apply pure honey on the affected part thrice daily.
  3. BEDWETTING: Give the child one tablespoonful of pure honey thrice daily (two at bed time).
  4. BOILS (AND WITLOWS): Mix equal parts of honey and flour; wrap the boil or witlow in it.
  5. BURNS: Smear honey on the affected parts at least twice daily.
  6. COLD/CATARRH: Soak sliced onion in honey overnight. Take two tablespoonful thrice daily.
  7. COUGH: Mix one part of lemon or lime with two of honey and lick freely. (Add garlic and ginger for stronger effect)
  8. DIABETES: Make a tea of mistletoe herb. Add two tablespoonful of honey. Drink a cup thrice daily for three month.
  9. FACIAL TREATMENT: Mix honey with egg white. Add a few drops of lemon or lime. Use as facemask and allow to act for 30 minutes or more. Then wash the face with warm water.
  10. INFERTILITY: Pure honey taken regularly promotes fertility in women especially when taken along with pollen or beebread; etc.

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